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The Farming to Food Show

- The farm comes to London -

11th September 2007, London: Shepherdess, Jane O'Neill's passion is to demonstrate to Londoners how food is grown and produced. With enviable energy, passion, and dedication she has single-handedly organised 'The Farming to Food Show' 27th and 28th September 2007. The show is taking place at Potters Field park, right in London's heart. On City Hall's doorstep, the park is a remarkable riverfront location, complete with an amazing vista of some of London's most iconic buildings, such as the Tower of London. This unique co-operative event is free for everyone: school children, families, tourists and office workers alike.

'The Farming to Food Show' will be opened by Sir Donald Curry on the 27th September, with a theatrically traditional Michaelmas animal drive from under Tower Bridge's arches. Jane will proudly lead the drive of chickens, geese and black turkeys onto the show site. This will officially launch an inspiring three day celebration of food which aims to give visitors a host of memorable, 'hands-on' experiences and valuable insights into the amazing history of farming and producing food.

Farming has been a somewhat beleaguered industry over recent years: an industry which has become increasingly marginalised from consumers. Figures from Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) show that almost half (46%) of young children have had absolutely no involvement with growing food. Many children also no longer have the opportunity to learn to cook, and an increasing number living in urban or suburban areas have very little to do with rural life: a quarter of 11-16 year-olds never visit the countryside.

Jane O'Neill said: "I have organised this show because I want to give people living, working and going to school in London the chance to re-engage with the great British farmer and producer. Everyone working on this show is a volunteer: we have all pulled together to make this important event happen. It makes me chuckle to see how this wonderful show, with its Farming Zone, the Village Zone and the Cooking Zone, is overlooked by such impressive corporate offices. You couldn't dream of a place or event that fuses such opposites of the spectrum of UK life! This really is a farmers market right in the middle of the capital."

There are three main zones which will form a linking circle of the food chain:

  • The Farming Zone: which will include the talks from world famous 'Sheep Show' farmer, talks about milking, 'Harvesting the Sun' beef cattle food web demonstration, crop growing and poultry exhibits. There will also be a host of ducks, geese, chickens and small animals for children to interact with.

  • The Village Zone: which will include many producers with lots of wonderful food to sell, including a traditional butcher making sausages, burgers and preparing meat. Also there will be bakers making bread, fishermen displaying their catch, British fruit and vegetables, cheese makers, and ethnic food.

  • The Cooking Zone: where there will be demonstrations to inspire visitors to cook simple food recipes at home. Michelin stared chef, Adam Gray will be on stage, along with celebrity chef Ross Burden, showing people how food can be easily prepared at home. There will be lots of crowd participation and tastings galore!

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